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Thunderbolt FX FlameMaster, Portable Flame Machine


Our newest product for 2024! This Handheld Flame Machine will give your audience the real-life flame experience they are after. Used with our own Flame Liquid, this can produce up to 3.5M flames.


The Flame Machine can be used indoors and outdoors and is suitable for many events such as parties, weddings, music events and DJ Shows.


The Thunderbolt FX FlameMaster has many safety features, so you can be rest assured the machine is safe. Read below for individual benefits and safety features.




  • 2 Ignition Pins
  • 2 Flame Liquid 400ml
  • 60 Second Shut-off
  • 3m Flame
  • Rechargeable 1500mAh Battery with LCD battery indicator
  • 4 protection features (including on/off key)
  • Size: 60x18.5x31cm
  • Carry handle



  • Fuel: Thunderbolt FX Flame Liquid (2x400ml)
  • Voltage: 12V (Battery)
  • Max Power: 60w
  • N.W: 4.5KG


The FlameMaster has 2 Fuel Pumps, allowing you to choose between 1 or 2 fuel sources. This is operated by the two switches on the side of the machine. CH1 is fuel pump 1, CH2 is fuel pump 2, if you have both selected, your flames will be bigger. With one selected, you will have a smaller flame but it will last longer.


It has a built in 1500mAh battery that can be recharged with the power cord provided. Battery percentage can be seen on the side display of the gun.


Safety Features:

Safety is the number one priority when operating Stage FX. Therefore, we have equipped this machine with many safety features to ensure safe operation.


Flame Liquid Bracket:

The Flamethrower comes equipped with a secure bracket that ensures your flame oil bottle stays firmly in place, avoiding any displacement during use.


Safety Key:

A safety key will need to be inserted and switched on before the gun is operational.


Master Switch:

The master switch will need to be switched on along with the safety key in order to be operated.


Dual Valve:

Dual Valve protection ensures that no flame can flow back towards the gun into the aerosols.


In The Box:

  • Charging Cable
  • Manual
  • Safety Key
  • FlameMaster Portable Flame Machine



This item is intended for Stage, Theatre & Special Effects Only. We will take no responsibility for improper use of this product. 






All items come with a 1 Year Warranty with us and are shipped Next Day UK.

Thunderbolt FX FlameMaster Flame Machine Handheld

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