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 Thunderbolt FX are proud to be the sole supplier of Spark Fabrica in the UK. Spark Fabrica are a premium brand of Stage FX with the highest quality of products and latest technology. On this page, you can read, watch and purchase most of their products straight from us.


Making Better Event

About The Company 

Spark Fabrica manufactures high-end stage effect products, such as Battery Operated Spark Machines, 10m Flame Machines & more. The company has 32 patents for their products and all products are manufactured to the highest of quality with all H&S certification for UK & Europe use. 

Research & Development

The company has a whole site dedicated to research and development of the their products to ensure they stay ahead of the game. The features that their products include out-way any other brand on the market with Health & Safety along with Quality. All of their products have CE, FCC, RoHS, CCC, and more. This gives you the peace of mind when using their products. 

Waterproof Stage Effects

Nearly 50% of Spark Fabrica's Stage Machines are IP55 waterproof rated. This enables a wider range of uses for Flame & Spark machines with the English weather. They can be used in the rain and can be mounted outside permanently if required, which is ideal for Theme Parks and Holiday Resorts. 

Spark & Flame Effects

Most of the development has gone into Spark Fabrica's Flame and Cold Spark Range., they have many different models with different features. Their Moto-Spark Machine is the first built in battery operated Spark Machine and can be ordered in back or white with no need of cables. Their Flame Machine range includes DMX angled machines to 10m height machines. 


See below to view and purchase Spark Fabrica products. Most of these items will be with you within 5 days of purchase, with lots being in stock with us ready for next day delivery. 

Got A Question?

If you need any more information or would like to ask for a bundle deal, please contact us below. 

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